The im电竞app下载官方下载 has three distinct campuses that combine to offer students a range of different learning experiences. Our two 缅因州 campuses house our internationally renowned undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, while our campus in 丹吉尔、摩洛哥 is home to an innovative semester abroad program for im电竞app下载 students.


Aerial of the im电竞app下载校园

Our gorgeous waterfront campus in 缅因州im电竞app下载, 提供4个以上,000 feet of scenic shoreline where the Saco River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The coastal area has a long history as a popular vacation destination and is home to friendly, welcoming people who appreciate im电竞app下载's contributions to the local community.

The campus includes the College of 艺术与科学学院, which offers more than 30 undergraduate majors, and the College of 整骨疗法的医学, which offers the Doctor of 整骨疗法的医学 (D.O.)学位.

在540英亩的土地内, the im电竞app下载 Campus offers the Harold Alfond Center for the 健康 科学s, a modern science education facility; the Marine 科学 Center, where students prepare for the marine careers of the coming "ocean century"; and the Harold Alfond Forum, which includes an NHL-size hockey arena, basketball arena and other athletics facilities. 



Our historic campus in the picturesque coastal city of 缅因州的波特兰, provides a quintessential New England quad lined by buildings that have been welcoming students for more than a century. The campus sits in a suburban Portland neighborhood, just a short drive from the downtown waterfront.

The campus houses 缅因州's only College of 口腔医学, 药学院, and the Westbrook College of 健康的职业, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs in several allied health fields. The 41-acre campus also includes the Center for 全球 Humanities, Art Gallery and 缅因州 Women Writers Collection.

Portland is one of the nation's most livable small cities with an incredible natural environment, 友好的人, a wealth of arts and cultural institutions, and major medical facilities for internships and clinical rotations.



2014年开业, im电竞app下载's Tangier Campus is a representation of our strong belief that today's students need exposure to other cultures to succeed in our intensely globalized world. The campus is housed on the leafy grounds of the American School of Tangier, with easy access to downtown, 海滩, attractions and cultural activities. 

im电竞app下载 students have the opportunity to spend a semester or academic year in Tangier, taking courses taught in English as they stay on track with their majors and explore the culture of Morocco and city of Tangier at no additional cost.

学生 have access to fabulous Moroccan cities like Casablanca, 费和马拉喀什, as well as to the natural wonders of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Spain is a mere 40 minutes away by ferry, and it is just a short ride after that to im电竞app下载's program in Seville. 

Learn im电竞app下载 Our Morocco Campus

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